Driving License Services: RTO Consultant in Thane

Perfect Motor Training School offers all kinds of driving license service, vehicle registration, road tax, transfer of ownership and more.

Our expert driving license agents and RTO consultants will help you get all your services under one roof.

Check all the services we provide below:


Motorcycle - Only License

Rs 3000

LMV (NT) - Only License

Rs 3500

LMV (TR) - Only License

Rs 7000

LMV (NT) + Motorcycle - Only License

Rs. 6500

Auto Rickshaw (TR) - Only License

Rs 7000

LMV (TR) + Motorcycle - Only License

Rs 9500

Auto Rickshaw Badge

Rs. 5000

Bus Badge

Rs 8500

Taxi Badge

Rs. 5000

Truck/Bus - Only License

Rs . 9500

Conductor License

Rs 1500

Other License Related Services

Renewal of Driving License

Duplicate Driving License

Change of Address

N.O.C. (No Objection Certificate) for License

International License

Other Vehicle Related Services

New Vehicle Registration

Old Vehicle Registration

Vehicle Passing

Transfer Of Ownership

Road Tax

N.O.C. for Vehicles

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