Road Safety Guide in India

Road Safety Guide in India

When driving any vehicle it is important to follow the rules of the road for your and others safety. We have compiled a list of road safety tips to drive in India so you can stay safe on the road.

Picture of a woman driving: Road Safety Guide in India

While Driving, You Should Always Carry

  • Your driving license
  • Vehicle registration book
  • Vehicle fitness certificate for transport vehicle
  • P.U.C. certificate
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Road permit  for transport vehicle

While Parking, You Must Always

  • Park your vehicle according to signal board or road marking
  • Ensure that it does not cause any inconvenience to others
  • Stop the engine, remove the key, pull the hand brake and put 1st gear
  • Remember to never park on footpath, near traffic signal, bus stand, fire hydrants, road corners and no parking boards
Parked Cars: The Rules Of The Road
Picture of a woman driving a car

If you hold a learner’s license, then

  • Remember that it is valid only for 6 months
  • It is mandatory to have a L sign on your car
  • Learner’s license issued in Maharashtra is valid throughout India
  • You must only drive when accompanied by a person with permanent license
  • While entering from narrow road to main road, wait for the vehicles on main road to pass by
  • You must slow down and stop on the left side of the road if dazzled by headlights of the vehicle coming from the opposite side
  • You cannot drive under any circumstance if you learners license is revoked

Rules of the road: Rules to Follow while Driving

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